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#3 | I found a business I want to buy

January 30, 2024
#3 | I found a business I want to buy

I found a business that I really want to buy!

So without telling you exactly what the business is, I will tell you what I like about it:

1. The business is a template business so it aligns really well with our ProjectionHub template business.

2. Customers that need one of our projection templates would probably need one of these templates as well.

3. The site gets a lot of organic website traffic for high-quality keywords. You can see over the last 5 years the site gets between 25,000 and 45,000 website visitors per month

4. The website looks like it has been ignored or set on hibernate for the last 2+ years. There is no new content and no new activity which hints that the owner might be ready to sell.

5. The site is FULL of Google Adsense Ads. You can see below there is a small grayed-out section of actual content on the site and then ads layered on ads. I think this is because the owner is just trying to passively monetize the website traffic.

6. So the reason I love this potential business is because there are some things I think we could do on day one to better monetize the website traffic with new templates of our own. We could modernize the design. We could cross-sell projection templates. We could start adding new blog content to try to start growing organic traffic again. The business looks to just have a single owner and is basically on autopilot.

Trying Not to Be a Stalker

So I have tried several ways to reach out to this business owner.

  • Website contact email
  • Website contact form
  • LinkedIn Message
  • Facebook Message

No luck!

It seems the owner is totally checked out which is why I want the business so much haha!

I am hoping that maybe the owner will check back in on emails and messages once a month and maybe just maybe see my messages and respond.

I suspect I might be able to find a physical address with some data source online, and I could send a physical letter, but also trying not to be too creepy ha! Maybe if I don’t hear anything in the next few weeks I will try some last-ditch efforts to reach the owner.

In the meantime, I am continuing to try to contact other potential targets and have even had a couple of conversations with owners just to get on their radar.

Finding an SBA Lender to Buy a Business

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we are working on providing some free tools to those of you who are following along. Our first tool to share is a dashboard that allows you to sort the SBA loan data that is made publicly available by the Small Business Administration.

I really think it is powerful because it helps you find the top SBA lender by state, industry, and loan type. So if you are looking to buy an existing car wash in Texas you might need a completely different lender than if you are buying a restaurant in California. Different lenders have different industry specialties and different states that they operate in, so the ability to quickly sort the data can help you find the top lenders that are most likely to be interested in your specific deal.

You can check out the tool here

See how it works below:

I would love to hear your feedback on the tool, was it helpful for you?

Catch you next week!

Until next week,


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