Hello, I'm Adam! Let Me Introduce Myself.

I've been immersed in the world of startups and small businesses for more than 10 years both as a service provider and an entrepreneur.

And now I want to buy a business for the first time, and I want to help 99 others do the same. You may be wondering, what experience do I have to have any sort of credibility to do this? 

Fair question!

My adventure began fresh out of college in 2010, diving headfirst into the world of small businesses. I got this fantastic opportunity to launch a small business loan program at an incubator organization. Talk about a hands-on experience! We were all about SBA loans, helping startups and small businesses in Indiana find their footing. It's been an amazing ride with Bankable, doling out over 2,000 loans totaling upwards of $60 million. And a ton of those were for small business acquisitions. I led this program for over 10 years!

Fast forward to 2012, at 23, that's where the light bulb went off for ProjectionHub - think of it as TurboTax but for financial projections. After working with so many small businesses and startups it was always clear that good financial projections were hard to come by because they were often confusing or unaffordable for most. Teaming up with my brother, a whiz-kid in software development, we turned this idea into a reality. We started small and eventually evolved into a full-fledged web application and I started producing content and hustling like crazy and we built a nice flow of users.

But even with a sleek redesign and a significant investment in 2016, we realized that our initial business model wasn't the perfect fit. Entrepreneurs needed our tool at specific moments, not on a subscription basis. Plus, we learned that sometimes, simplicity (hello, Excel!) can be your biggest competitor. Eventually we pivoted to highly custom, industry-specific, DIY templates & consulting services and that business has done quite well and is still going strong today!

So, here I am today, armed with a truckload of experiences from Bankable to ProjectionHub (and some failed businesses in between). I've seen the ups, the downs, and everything in between in the world of small businesses and acquisitions.

But now I want to buy a business for the first time, and the time has never been better.

But here's the best part - I'm not just doing this for me. My goal is to create a community of go-getters, dreamers, and doers. I want to help 99 others to buy their own businesses.

I'll be sharing every step of my experience in real-time. You'll get the unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at the process - the strategies, the negotiations, the wins, and the lessons learned. This isn't just about storytelling; it's about sharing the tools, insights, what not to-do's, and confidence to make your own leap into business ownership.

Let's learn, grow, and succeed together. Join me and let's work towards making the dream of owning a business a reality for not just one, but 100 of us.



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