Let's Buy 100 small businesses by the end of 2025.

I want to buy a small business valued at <$1M by the end of 2025, and I hope to help 99 others buy their own business along the way.

But we're going to buy these businesses a new way... the smbuyer way.

And each week I will share what I have learned from my own search with you.

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Hi, I'm Adam!

I've been around hundreds of small business acquisitions. I've helped finance them as the Executive Director of an SBA Lender for 10 years, and I've helped create projections for them through my own businesses, ProjectionHub.

But now I want to buy a business for the first time.

Why now? Because we're in a rare moment in time where there are A LOT of great small businesses that need to be acquired, and not enough people to buy them.

The Silver Tsunami isn't Coming... It's Already Here.

One of the greatest opportunities to acquire a small business is upon us and the math is astounding...

The wave is here...

There are 5.4 million US small businesses that have between 1 and 19 employees.

41% of those businesses are owned by a baby boomer and by 2030 all baby boomers will be 65 or older.

This means an estimated 2.2 million small businesses may be up for sale over the next 5 to 10+ years.

Right now we estimate 20,000 small businesses are acquired PER YEAR in the United States.

There would need to be 38,000 businesses that transition PER MONTH over the next 5 years to account for all 2.2 million businesses.

And the price may be right.

It is estimated that 91% of the 5.4 million businesses (and subsequently the 2.2 million baby boomer businesses) have annual revenue under $1 million.

The average revenue multiple value for a small business selling is 65% which means the vast majority of businesses are selling for less than $1 million.

This means thousands of attainable, affordable, and profitable businesses are up for grabs.

But the transaction costs just don't make sense for most SMBs.

We don't think the traditional way of buying a business makes sense for the buyer or the seller.

Average seller fees for a $1M business purchase with SBA loan & broker
Average buyer fees for a $1M business purchase with SBA loan & broker

We think there is a better way to buy. The smbuyer way. So follow along as I look to acquire a new business using this exact method and you can learn how too!

Let's buy businesses the smbuyer way.

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